Umamah (umamah) wrote,

The End of Year Braiding (shock I posted )

This past November there was a Braiding Conference in Kyoto, Japan. I didn't go (just too rich for my family's blood). So on the Kumi list they were mentioning flowers made from braids. So this was my interpretation.

Blame this on Omar this one and the one I'm still working on will be entered into a juried international show here. (The show requires at least 2 pieces one for EL Paso and the other for Juarez)

Now I know how they were making the flowers from braids that they were discussing, that is the project after I finish the next flower...

And at this point NO the folded rose isn't period (but I'll keep working on that just to make sure)

The Rose is about 3 inches in diameter...The pictures don't do it justice both the rose and the stem are 16 strand braids

The stem is at least 30 inches long give or take. To give the wearer a multitude of ways to drape and wear this piece

Tags: braiding, folded roses
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